American Black man, Black woman and White woman, you can do the duty for coward Chinese man Because you like me, the second class US citizen(why? because first class likely senselessly looking down the second class or no class. When you look down anyone, you are showing your soft spot, you are not in the tough love to be trusted to do the kill. This may explain how come I dare suck stupid bad ugly evil female dressed animals Condi Rice and Hillary Clinton, Imus dared not; shame on stupid bad ugly evil George Bush junior to use female dr 酒店經紀essed animals like Condi Rice and 趙小蘭 to take advantage of White mankind soft spot in USA. Go to hell stupid bad ugly evil George Bush junior his evil mind deserves him no light to beg God bless anyone.) to White man(Therefore, Asian woman must not marry White guy, if she indeed falling in love with that White guy, she must have the guts to insist living in her own home land, so that she can company him to any place he likes to social or to deal any 房屋貸款thing with equal light heart; otherwise, she can only sink and shame on herself, her own race and her sweetheart.) . If you have the guts and the excellent sniper skill, you can kill all Chinese face female dressed animals like 趙小蘭(her English name sounding like "Ill.Land.Chao"[notice Chao as Chu Chao-Ren, Chu Chao-祥, Chu Chao-祺, Chu Chao-銘] the KY senior Senator's wife), or that Fox owner old guy's out of his birth cycle aged Chinese wife, and any one who u 租辦公室se money to buy Chinese news paper in USA, any one who takes pay check from Chinese papers in USA, any one who spending money to do commercial in Chinese News Paper in USA, any Chinese face showed up in Angus Tung's performance in USA.Angus Tung is coward, he should have had done the Chinese man's duty to kill all those female dressed animals that lawless Godless using his name to suck, he lacks of the guts or skill to do like that, he should keep low profile to duck instead of offering 澎湖民宿 more worm bed to feed them; you may not ban Angus Tung to do the perform because he's not like those Chinese face female dressed animals invited by self, you may not kill Angus Tung, because lacks of guts or skillful to kill not a reason can be killed, but you have all your right to kill those Chiense face female dressed animals who invited themself to USA to eat up your land, to eat up your good will, to corrupted your stupid bad ugly evil civilians, politicians; therefore, Black man, Black woman, White wom 辦公室出租an, if you have the guts and skill, you need learn from those Chinese face female dressed animals to use Angus Tung's show off to take advantage of the chance to openly kill all those female dressed animals showed up along with Angus Tung's showing off. Ref. [ ] see that little girl's "Moon.中.5.仁", her parents looked obviously like JonBeney's parents inviting you to kill her. It is a shame for an old guy like Angus Tung to cover up his real age in order to shamelessly sur 術後面膜rounded by out of his birth cycled ages female dressed animals suckers. you need jail Angus Tung and kill all those female dressed animals to save your own country. You need kill those female dressed animals because female dressed animals cannot like male dressed animals to have the chance to rely on his only love good woman to grow him up better off.I say to Rodney King's supporters, do not make stupid bad ugly evil riot, kill those Chinese face real estate in USA one by one, ten by ten, 100 by 100, they dare chained in your country, you must dare kill 結婚西裝 them all if you happen to have the guts and skill; kill them then ask for military court trial, you need a Chinese face to seat in your Jury chair, call me to represent the Chinese American to give you the justice, Because I am the one having the best credit to show I love Republic of China (Because China Communist is not a lawful government, you can kill any Communist people that appearing or show off in any Democratic country; therefore, you can kill any actor or actress that entering USA with China Communist passport sucked in your Hollywood. Yes, you can have the right to kill Ge 商務中心orge Bush Junior that shamelessly hired 趙小蘭 [Hell! HER husband is senior senator, how dare George Bush junior not considering her husband must have had to use his life to guard her evil deeds. Shame on shameless George Bush junior. He should be fired immediately.] and invited lawless Godless China Communist "gangsters" slaves appearing in front of your White House or Capital Hill. ) more than anyone of them that have lived in USA long enough to tell. We are in the war on terrors, those Chinese face occupy your real estates field are all suspected underground chained slavery terrorist, in war time 酒肉朋友, you have the reasonable doubt of right to kill all your enemy that out of your civil court can have the law to deal with them. The underground chained slavery terrorist is your enemy, you can kill them, you have no right to try them. This may explain how come WWII USA must concentrate all Japanese American to have guarded their safety. They are undergrounded chained slavery terrorist that out of your military force to deal with, therefore must take second class US citizens's lower to deal with them.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 住商房屋  .
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