Communist needs to be alerted You want to play Capitalism, you have to make sure you can have better common sense and brai 酒店工作n cell to do the Math and account and numb 澎湖民宿er figures better than anyone of them. Therefore, you need to 室內設計question all Chinese/Taiwanese/American Chinese/whatever Chinese who can have the 房地產super rich to buy house/land/Mansion/business building in your soil, no matter his name is Angus Tung, Lind 酒店兼職a Chwee, "Huang.Ann" "Lee.Ann" or Condi Rice, Hillary Clinton, Ida Shaw, YuLin, YuJune, YuChain, Chen 借貸Food, ChenSin, SwimSin; because I suspect all their money come from slaved by USA evilest dark side gangsters grouped liars crimes. You need to que 訂做禮服stion anyone use the name of Banker to buy any land in your side, because out of USA fund, must be all bloody money out your poor helpless Chinese lifeless price, you 房屋買賣 need to question anyone use the Ambassy name to buy any building housing apartment in your land, because that how the evilest politicians committed Chinese said "Gwon.Gwon.Sean.Who& 燒烤quot; to live the most wasteful life to make their tax payers have no place to cry out. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 關鍵字排名  .
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